Almotahajiba is an upscale, luxury fashion brand for Abayas, Jalabiyas, and Sheilas. Since its start more than thirty years ago, it has produced classic and elegant garments for the modern day woman to wear. With more than thirty six branches operating across the MENA region, Almotahajiba is now one of the best known names in the conservative fashion category.

On their aspiration for expanding and reviving the retail experience, the management realised the need to revitalise and consolidate the brand. I worked with the collaboration between Evoke Brands and Alsiddiqi Holding marketing consultant to answer the brief, create a brand positioning, refresh the brand identity, align the brand with the holdings endorsement system, and establish a guidelines for the upcoming communication needs.

We worked on developing a brand strategy platform based on the brand story; to provide women with fashionable and trendy garments without compromising their culture and identity. We came up with the brand purpose ‘Conserving Treasures’ to communicate the brand’s mission for creating conservative and elegant lifestyle fashion.

Our approach on the brand identity was to perfect the design with necessary contemporary touches, including enhancing the Arabic calligraphy emblem, using Gold as the brand colour and creating lockups with the English name, which were required for different applications.

We created a branding system to bring consistency for all brand communication, especially for retail experience, online store and product packaging. On the corporate level, it establishes the organic relationship between Almotahajiba brand and the holding company, by including endorsement statement on selected applications.

The outcome of the project helped facilitating brand expansion plans, defined their communication style in different channels, and set the stage for further products developments.


Brand Identity System


Evoke Brands

What I did

Brand Audit / Brand Architecture / Brand Strategy / Brand Marque Design / Brand Visual System / Advertising System / Literature System / Corporate Applications / Merchandising / Web Design / Brand Identity Guideline / Brand Identity Digital Assets

Enhancing the Arabic calligraphy in Almotahajiba Emblem

Revitalise Almotahajiba Brand and creating multi-lockups for various applications

Almotahajiba brand identity and guidelines

Developing key brand touchpoints

Aligning Almotahajiba brand with the holding endorsement guideline

Crafted brand applications to maximise retail experience