AlSiddiqi Holding is a multinational company established in Qatar by the prominent AlSiddiqi family. With its humble beginnings in Souq Waqif back in 1922, AlSiddiqi Holding has grown to become the strong business it is today, offering both home grown Qatari and international brands. Its presence is felt in nine countries across the GCC and MENA region through its numerous original brand outlets, retail stores, indoor theme parks, restaurants, and real estate projects.

In 2012, the group – then called (Al Siddiqi International Group – SIG) – was going through organising activities into specific domains, to gain more visibility and create coherence throughout the organisation. Soon after – and to achieve the objectives – the exercise opened the door for new possibilities to explore, including renaming the group, creating new brand identity and brand architecture.

In collaboration with Evoke Brands, the project was led by the group marketing consultant, and through the discussions with the managements they were clear on delivering their vision ‘to preserve the Qatari traditions and heritage while penetrating new markets and expanding its influence across the globe’. This focused approach led to a simplified group name ‘AlSiddiqi Holding’ and to the final marque design that transcended smoothly to the divisions, which were consequently named: AlSiddiqi Retail, AlSiddiqi Hospitality, AlSiddiqi Brands, AlSiddiqi Entertainment, AlSiddiqi Real Estate, and AlSiddiqi Industrial.

The project includes creating the brand marque, the holding and divisions lockups in both Arabic and English, and establishing the basic look and feel of some essential touchpoints, including corporate stationery, advertising and literature layout.


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