In 2012, and as part of the new vision towards providing specialised technology solutions in various businesses and industries, STS was moving toward creating business entities from its home-grown technologies. This dictated to spinning off their ePayment solution into a subsidiary called STS Payment Network, which allowed the new entity to become a regional leader in this domain through specialisation and focus.

As STS Payment Network gained more trust from its clients and partners, and succeeded in executing mission-critical projects, the management felt the need to rebrand the subsidiary differently, to reflect their preparation for a new era of expansion and leadership.

The project came in quick succession to the brand revitalisation of the mother brand created by Evoke Brands, and naturally inherited the vision and values of STS. The desired branding solution was to maintain this relation clear, but to give the subsidiary its own uniqueness to enable future expansion.

The scope covered brand naming exercise, which after a few options presented, the management settled on choosing the name ‘PayOne’ as the brand name for the payment subsidiary. Also, they adopted a semi-monolithic brand architecture developed for the STS brand, thus the final brand name STS PayOne.

The branding solution utilised the DNA of the STS brand identity and visual system, also introducing some unique elements. This maintained the relation between the two, and created new visual language that is unique to the STS PayOne. The new branding successfully rolled out in both spaces; physical and digital.

This step opened the door for STS PayOne to gain profound positioning in the market and to attract new business opportunities, aligning with their aspiration to become a true global name in the category. It helped them to be focused in their marketing and sponsorship activities, and to communicate confidently what they stand for, all while enforcing the message of the STS brand, as the reliable technology partner.


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STS PayOne Brand Identity

STS PayOne identity design allows future focus on specialisation

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The new branding rolled out in both spaces; physical and digital