SellAnyCar.com is the Middle East’s first car buying service, which offers free and instant online car valuation, free car inspection, and with its famous promise to buy any car within 30 minutes, it changes selling cars from being a lengthy and risky ordeal, into an easy, fair and quick process.

Founded by the serial entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin, the service succeeded in becoming the largest and most established car buyer in UAE. It simplifies and secures the process of selling cars into a few easy steps. And with its purchasing power, SellAnyCar.com guarantees to offer a competitive price for any car and to buy it straight away.

In 2013, Evoke Brands was approached by Mr. Saygin Yalcin, to work on SellAnyCar.com branding. His brief was to create a design that was clear, simple and practical. The solution was to use the service name and show the .com clearly, to point attention to the most vital part of the experience, the website! By highlighting each word in the brand marque, it makes it easy to read on the fly. Also, we used the tag icon and attached it to the work mark to indicate that SellAnyCar.com is the simple key to solving a complex problem, selling cars.

The same approach was applied to create the brand look and feel, user experience and key touchpoint, including the website, mobile application, advertising and corporate applications.


Brand Identity Design


Evoke Brands

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Brand Marque Design / Brand Architecture / Brand Visual System / Advertising System / Corporate Applications / Web Design / Brand Identity Guideline / Brand Identity Digital Assets

Simple & practical! SellAnyCar.com brand Identity

The website’s simple user experience represents a vital factor to success