STS (Specialized Technical Services) is an information technology service provider that operates in the MENA region. Founded in 1989, head-quartered in Jordan, with offices in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Palestine, and Iraq and works with local partners in other countries such as Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt.

Since its inception, STS was known for being the first to embrace open systems and to promote the latest networking technologies in Jordan, which attracted the world’s leading IT vendors and built long-term partnerships with them. STS’s solutions and services cover a diverse set of technologies ranging from Server and Data Centre Solutions, Enterprise Network Infrastructure and Structured Cabling, e-Business and e-Government Solutions, Software Infrastructure and Security Solutions and STS’ own Payment Processing Solutions.

In 2013, and in order to stay competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market, STS management was focusing its vision, approach and business structure. At that time, the transformation was to be from an IT provider to a technology solutions-driven company.
I had the opportunity to work with Evoke Brand Consultancy on revitalising the STS brand, where we held intensive interviews and workshops with the management, and concluded that they were looking for clarifying the essence of their brand, building a defined brand architecture, nurturing a corporate culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, yet staying true to long-lived values of transparency and reliability.

We worked together on creating a solid brand strategy that communicates the change in business approach; defining the brand essence to be ‘The Reliable Technology Partner’, crafting a contemporary brand identity, creating a defined brand architecture for the brand divisions, designing all touchpoints to adhere to the new brand visual system and guideline.

In Amman, and on its 25th anniversary, STS celebrated the occasion with the reveal of its new vision for the future and the new brand identity, which were well received by STS’s business partners, clients and employees.


Brand Revitalisation


Evoke Brands

What I did

Brand Audit / Competition Analysis / Brand Architecture / Brand Strategy / Brand Marque Design / Brand Visual System / Advertising System / Literature System / Corporate Applications / Merchandising / Web Design / Brand Identity Guideline / Brand Identity Digital Assets

A marque of 25 years success

An Evolution for the Brand Marque

Moving forward through the branding exercise, the team presented to the management a few scenarios, which made them clear about what they wanted, a contemporary evolution for their brand marque. They decided to carry forward the DNA of the old marque; the name, the colour and the stripe shapes.

Revolutionise Brand Perspective

Carrying Long Lived Values to the Future

After experimenting with a few design directions, the final result captured the essence of the brand, and suited the technology sector that the company operates within. A contemporary rounded-edges logotype with a three stripes icon inspired by the old design makes the perfect combination for the new era.

A Contemporary Brand Identity for a Reliable Technology Partner

Creating Brand Architecture for Today and Tomorrow

Brand Visual System that Furnishes All Brand Touchpoints

Celebrating 25 Years of Success with a Brand-New Vision for the Future!